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Open Heart Institute

“Kalie is the spiritual mentor and life coach I’ve always been looking for. I’ve spent years in and out of traditional cognitive behavioral and “talk” therapy but none of this comes close to the type of healing Kalie facilitates. With her holistic and multi-disciplinary background, she helps to target the subconscious programs and belief systems that dictate our behavioral and emotional patterns and transform them in a deep and lasting way. The things she teaches me about the nature of my spirit help to guide me closer to my authentic self. Each meeting with her provides new insights and tools I can directly apply to my life. I am so grateful to have someone like her to help guide me through and answer the deep questions that arise from my life experiences. I hope to facilitate healing in others someday. Many of the great healers in this world have had the blessing of studying under a great master or mentor, and Kalie is that blessing for me.”

Samantha Kifer

“My sister recommended Kalie Marino several years ago when I had a most horrible experience. During that first meeting she warmly and gently guided me to understand my part in the tragedy. Without judgment she helped me face the reality of my experience and provided the path to understand how I got there and the way out. That meeting SAVED MY LIFE. No one else understood how close I came to ending my life in those dark days, but Kalie shone light on my life and helped me to go on. Anyone seeking a spiritual, gentle, non judgmental, loving, kind and honest therapist will feel safe wrapped in Kalie’s light.”

Andy Brown

“I would highly recommend working with Kalie Marino. Her warm compassionate way of helping me unblock stuck energy and overcome anxiety while nurturing my spirituality and inner child encouraged enormous confidence and a belief in myself that can only come from her enlightened perspective of the healing art that Kalie practices. She taught me a technique that I use to this day of being able to observe myself in order to gain insight from tension not only from my physical body but my emotions as well. This helped me to be a better observer in my world and enabled me to be more perceptive in my work with children.”

De Spier

“I selected Kalie from an online search without ever having met her. The philosophies and techniques at Open Heart Institute that I read about on her website intrigued me and gave me hope. Over the years (I’m 53 now), traditional psychotherapy had been nothing but a waste of [a lot of!] money, a source of frustration, and an increasingly scary feeling that I was permanently “damaged” and different from other people. I had asked my now ex-boyfriend (we had been together 10 years at this point and were struggling in our relationship) to go with me for couples therapy with Kalie, but as I arrived at her office for our first session (we were going to meet there), he called and said he wasn’t coming because “we don’t need therapy.” I went in alone, still believing that she could help me. Because of the journey that began in her office that night, I learned how to better love and accept myself (despite all the “different-ness” and loneliness I was feeling). She shared nontraditional therapy techniques with me that worked in concert with my physiology, my emotional makeup, and my soul. Kalie is a wonderful, loving, insightful, spiritual person who has a comforting voice, touch, and attitude. She taught me so much about how our bodies and minds respond to our emotions, and she gave me coping strategies and techniques to use when feeling stressed and frustrated. She played a huge part in moving me further on my path to enlightenment, and helped me break free from an extremely toxic intimate relationship with my confidence and self-esteem stronger than they had been in my entire life. I would recommend Kalie and Open Heart Institute to anyone who wants to stop hurting, get past heartbreak, and begin appreciating EVERYTHING in life, including the bad “stuff” and what it can show us and teach us about life, love, and ourselves and how we view this time on Earth.”

Judi Leventhal

“I value Kalie as one of my Spiritual Mentors. Kalie was my Course in Miracles facilitator for 17 years and spiritual counselor. I felt safe in sharing my “Stuff” with Kalie and she returned only love and gentle guidance. I now see Kalie on a needed bases and she continues to give me insights and fine tuning tools from the various disciplines she has learned. Her recent book, Breaking Free From Critical Addiction is a must read to transmute our destructive patterns.”

Rosemary Meyers

“I met Kalie via Skype when I was having a rough time of it in my life. She introduced me to some great skills and techniques that I am now using in my psychology practice. Kalie is very generous of her time, energy and availability. What’s more she is very ‘real’ and down to earth. I recommend Kalie for her compassion, empathy, knowledge and competency as a health professional to all.”

Kindest Regards, Pip

“Kalie has been a wonderful resource for me over the past few years. Her approach is spiritual, yet very practical. She gets to the heart of things quickly and allows you to clear out old false beliefs that are holding you back. The biggest impact she has had on me is that she is moving me from making decisions based on fear to making them based on trust. In making this shift my life has become much more positive and open. If you want to take your life to the next level, set up a meeting with Kalie!”

Kellie Bach