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soul_logoSoul is fantastic! My family of three-experienced new energy from the first day we started taking it. It reduced aches and pains for all of us. Even though doctors said I need a triple spinal fusion, I am now off of all my anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and pain pills. We were also surprised when our eating habits changed and we lost about 5 pounds each in the first week without dieting, because our food cravings disappeared and sometimes, we forgot to eat. When we ate, we were satisfied quickly and just lost interest in eating more. I have never experienced food this way before! Even though we eat healthy, my body must have been missing some nutrients, because I use to find myself wanting something, but not knowing what. Now my body must be getting what it needs, because the cravings stopped. And to think, this is just a side affect of the reason we are taking it. We took it to strengthen our immune system, stop inflammation, increase our energy and feel better. It did that and much more. It helps everyone I share Soul with no matter what kind of problem they have. Perhaps that is because inflammation is present in most health issues.

Soul is an evolutionary leap in nutrition and has 6 patents. Each 2 oz. packet of “Soul” contains the equivalent of 8 servings of fruit plus 8 servings of vegetables and more, so it is actually inexpensive food, reducing your caloric intake. All nutrients are in the seeds and Rain (the company that makes it) is able to release it for our benefit. To purchase, go to my website at www.myrainlife.com/OpenHeart. The company gives a money back guarantee that you will like it, so try it risk free.

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​Watch a live blood cell analysis​ of Soul​


​You may enjoy listening to this fascinating webinar by Dr. Weeks​. It is loaded with information, not just on Soul, but on new findings on health and Cancer​; information ​that you ​normally ​don’t ​get in the mainstream.  http://www.doctorsoul.info

Here ​is a list of the 6 Patents for Black Cumin Seed and the ​area in ​which ​they ​were ​granted:

1) Asthma/allergy Patent No EP1709995

2) To increase immune function US Patent No 5482711

3) Diabetes US Patent No 6042834

4) Inhibition of cancer cell growth US Patent No 5653981

5) For Viral Infections US Patent No 6,841,174

6) For Psoriasis US Patent No 6,531,164

After the newscast you see on this link, y​ou will be asked for your info​ ​so that you can go further. Don’t worry, the info you put in only goes to me, but ​it enables you ​to ​have access to the ​pictures from Malaysia where they can actually give testimonials and mention the disease. http://yourvipinvitation.com/openheart