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NES Energy Field

Human Bioenergy Analysis: NES-Professional System

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Nutri-Energetics System (NES), is the world’s first computerized system for the scanning, analysis and repair of the human mind/body-field. A NES scan not only detects imbalances and previously undetectable problem areas, but also gives energetic support for corrections using the magnetic resonance of NES infoceuticals.

Nutri-Energetic Systems is finally available in the U.S.A. It is the world’s first computerized system able to comprehensively 1) scan and analyze your body’s master control energy field, 2) compare it with the first and only complete and accurate map of the optimal mind/body energy field, and 3) provide powerful energetic support to both mind and body. How does your field compare with your potential to be healthy? How can you optimize your health?

  • Non-invasive: No needles or fluid samples
  • Immediate user-friendly results
  • Identifies problems areas</li><li>Suggests non-invasive energetic support
  • Safe and complementary to herbal &amp; medical practices

Whether you have emotional or physical issues, make an appointment with Kalie Marino for a Nutri-Energetics Professional scan and NES Infoceuticals in Warminster, PA. Kalie is one of the few Certified NES Practitioners in the USA. Call 215-672-1599.

A New Paradigm in Restoring and Maintaining Well-Being

For the first time, through the breakthrough technology of the Nutri-Energetics Systems (NES-Professional), it is possible to accurately access detailed information about the state of the body’s energy field. The NES-Professional is a state-of-the-art system for the analysis and repair of the human body-field. Through an NES analysis, a practitioner can determine the precise areas of a person’s energy field that need to be strengthened and brought back into balance-and the order in which the body should correct the imbalances. The analysis reveals the underlying causes of imbalances, including environmental toxins, shocks, viral terrains, and other factors that have compromised the body-field. The practitioner is able to discover, rapidly and non-invasively, the deeper roots of a person’s problems and complaints, causes that even the most sophisticated and expensive laboratory and imaging tests may not detect because they are testing only at the physiological or biochemical levels, not at the energy level. Additionally, the NES software provides precise information about specific infoceuticals, the highly refined energy-imprinted formulas that are used to repair the bioenergy field at the quantum level.

The NES-Professional is the culmination of twenty-five years of research and study into how matter is actually structured in the body-through the quantum electrodynamic field (QED). Developed by Peter Fraser, Harry Massey and a team of experts, the Nutri-Energetics System integrates research in the fields of physics, biophotonism, quantum biology, resonance phenomena, advanced mathematics and information technology, as well as Western and Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition. The result is revolutionary? the first accurate map of the human energy field (also called the human body-field).

The Human Body Field

While mainstream medicine focuses on chemistry as the basis of health and disease, natural and holistic medicine takes a less materialistic approach, understanding the human being as the interaction of many levels of energy, pattern, and meaning. Rather than considering the body as merely chemical in nature, holistic therapies like homeopathy and acupuncture rely on a model that integrates both biology and physics, providing a much more accurate understanding of how the human organism really works. Both traditional and cutting-edge science now agree that the body is pervaded with energy: the quantum electrodynamic field. This human bioenergy field has a magnetic-vector structure that directs subatomic particles to their correct function in the body and controls all information transfer or communication between cells and organs. It is the body’s master control system, ultimately determining chemistry, metabolism, and cell structure. If this energy body-field pattern and the body’s cellular instructions are wrong, these imbalances can reveal themselves as problems at the physical or emotional level, or both.

How the NES-Professional Works

Professor Peter Fraser’s breakthrough came in his mapping of the optimal human body-field, a bioenergy map that he and his team of researchers and computer experts were able to replicate within the vectors of computer software. The NES-Professional consists of a base unit and computer software. The base unit acts as a receiver, a pathway for electrons and photons to carry information between the energy-field of the person and the optimal body-field map stored in the computer. The system then compares the person’s body-field to this optimal map and notes any deviations, which are displayed via a graphical interface. As a quantum device, the NES-Professional does not test for specific toxins, parasites, viruses, etc. Rather, it looks for whether these factors have caused body-field damage and, if so, it prioritizes the specific information-based infoceuticals that a person can take to correct these body-field disruptions.

Nutri-Energetics Infoceuticals

Infoceuticals are a class of substances designed to repair the human body-field at the virtual level, which then corrects the body at the biochemical and cellular level. They are prepared using the latest advances in field dynamics by imprinting a base of organic, plant-based colloidal minerals with magnetic information corresponding to specific aspects of the optimal body-field. This information acts as a kind of signpost for the subatomic particles in the bioenergy field, providing core directions to restore any deviations from the optimal map to normal. As the subatomic particles realign themselves, the energy field and physical body regain balance. The person’s self-healing capacity once again becomes active and enlivened.

The Roadmap to Well-Being

An important innovation of NES analysis is the recognition that the order in which the biofield is restored is crucial. In reality, there are layers to how our physical issues and complaints express themselves, and the body can only correct these problems by returning the body-field to optimal functioning in a very specific sequence. For example, the body-field must be receiving adequate energy or power before it can begin to restore proper communication at the cellular or organ system level. Once the field itself is adequately powered at a holistic level, then specific information pathways that have become distorted can be corrected. The inadequate understanding of the order in which the field’s balance must be restored is at the root of why other therapies, such as supplements and homeopathics, are often only partly successful.

The NES Analysis

The NES-Professional detects a wide range of reliable and consistent information about a person’s current state of well-being. Subsequent testing reveals the changes, improvement, and alterations that have taken place over time, and which layers of the body-field might need to still be addressed. A series of NES analyses over time will reveal deeper and deeper levels of imbalances, so a person’s readings over time are dynamic, not static. In this way, the NES system is a powerful tool for preventative health analysis. The NES analysis identifies specifics in the following categories:

Drivers: Displays the stress on various organs and tissues, including the nervous system, immune system, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, etc. These particular systems are called Energetic Drivers. Energetic Integrators: Determines the integrity and balance of the body’s twelve interlocking fields (which include the traditional acupuncture meridians). These Energetic Integrators are high-level control systems that activate DNA and coordinate all body processes.

A number of metabolic factors affecting physical well-being are indicated, including: Metabolism: carbohydrate, protein, glucose and sugar metabolism, metabolic rate, acid/alkaline balance Nutrition: key vitamins & minerals, fat metabolism imbalances, malabsorption patterns and their causes Oxygenation: factors creating a lack of oxygenation in the tissues (iron, B12, assimilation ability, etc.) Allergies & food intolerances: wheat, dairy and other allergies and sensitivities Brain function: visual &amp; auditory functions, memory, hyperactivity, sleep function, mental development.

Etiological (causative) factors include the following range of negative agents: Big Field influences: geopathic disturbances, i.e., misalignment with earth’s gravitational/magnetic fields Genetic influences: genetic traits and weaknesses that contribute to the current condition Environmental toxins: heavy metals, pollutants, solvents and chemicals that damage the energy-field Microbes: “virtual” bacterial and viral terrains that provide an environment for microbial infection Electromagnetics: impact from electricity, computer and cell phone radiation, microwave, radio waves Emotional states: an inventory of the key emotional toxins creating stress and loss of well-being.


Nutri-Energetics Remedies: Infoceuticals
The Remedies have been designed to work in conjunction with NES – Professional, however they can be used as stand alone products. All the remedies are based on the latest research into bringing client’s body-fields back towards the optimal map of the human body-field. The Body-field, which acts as the master control system for metabolism and growth, can be helped using a combination (best selected using NES-Professional) of Energetic Drivers, Energetic Integrators and Shock Adjusters.

The Energetic Drivers: Energetic Drivers are designed to ensure that the body-field is powered effectively and information transfer is enhanced.

Our research indicates that there are 12 main energy drivers that contribute towards the energy of the Body Field. The heart powers the first of these systems. The pressure waves induced by the beating of the heart create both phonons, and real sounds, which can be connected to the system of quantum energy. The Energetic Drivers due to increasing the energy of the body-field, enhance both information transfer and general energy, therefore increasing the body’s ability to heal itself.

Dosage of the Energetic Drivers The more symptoms that you have, the lower the dosage of the Drivers should be. There have been no adverse side effects reported after high doses of the Drivers, however extreme detoxification is draining on the body and unnecessary. Healthy people can tolerate 6 drops every third day. However, less healthy people should reduce this to 3 drops every third day. The same dosages apply for any combinations of the Drivers. However, if taking a number of the Drivers, a regime can be constructed in which different Drivers are taken on different days, with a period of three days between repeat doses of a single Driver.

The Energetic Integrators: The Energetic Integrators have been designed to help your body-field regain it’s correct structure.

The Energetic Integrators are remedies, which provide the correct information for the structure of the 12 main energy compartments of the Body Field. These 12 Energy compartments are not the same as The Energetic Drivers. The Body Field is spilt into 12 main energy compartments (or structures), which provide the zero-energy pathways for information transfer to the relevant cells in the body. In fact it is DNA itself that supplies the framework for the transfer of information in the body, which is also split into 12 main sections. This also links to how the 12 main groups of Meridians are able to communicate information through the body, the cells in the relevant area are able to pick up information from the framework of DNA in the cells. These 12 compartments of energy, DNA and TCM also correlate with some of the recent breakthroughs in quantum physics, and as such, are ultimately related to how matter at the quantum level is structured. All disease can be seen as a breakdown in the control mechanisms of the body and hence distortions in these 12 main energy compartments. The Energetic Integrators have been designed to correct these energy compartments back to their optimal structure.

The Shock Adjustors: The Shock Adjustors have been designed to repair damage done by shocks to the body-field.

Disease, or the lack of perfect health, can be seen simply as a complex combination of various shocks or stress on both the body and the Body Field. The aim of the Shock Adjuster remedies is to address all the possible interactions of shocks that have occurred to your body-field, in order to attempt to restore perfect health. The Shock adjuster remedies can be subdivided into Big Fields, Genetic, Environmental, Emotional, Physical, Allergic, Pleomorphic and Nutritional. Once you have treated the main Body Field, ideally in the order previously outlined, for an average of 2-4 months, it is time to start looking at the initial shock causes of disease. The 6 types of Shock Adjusters have been designed to help the body remove any damage done by the initial shock cause and, as such, can lead to strong emotional and/or detoxification reactions. The more work that has been spent correcting the main Body Field previously, the smoother and quicker these reactions will be. The Shock Adjusters relate to the different types of initial shock and are:

  • Big Fields
  • Genetic
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Pleomorphic
  • Allergies
  • Nutritional

Whether you have emotional or physical issues, make an appointment with Kalie Marino for a Nutri-Energetics Professional scan and NES Infoceuticals in Warminster, PA. Kalie is one of the few Certified NES Practitioners in the USA. Call 215-672-1599.

NES Testimonials

For a great comparison of NES to QXCI among other systems, check out www.energetic-medicine.net. NES works completely differently as it is interested in correcting the core operating system for how the body-field processes information. It corrects according to the embryonic stages of development in an base protocol order not randomly according to acute symptoms. It is not concerned with giving biofeedback frequencies to neutralize acute symptoms, only to have core operating system remain ineffectual which obviously, would not really change much in the way of the primary ’cause’ of the body’s disease.

There are a number of former QXCI, SCIO or LIFE system folks who now either augment these systems with NES or just use NES exclusively to support their clients.

Hope that helps,

Catherine Schultz Reinman, Ph.D.

Hi Sylvia,

The best thing to do is experience the NES and you will see the difference. I used the QXCI for 4 years. My opinion is that the QXCI is a great device, but the NES is superior in various ways, including:

More accurate/precise as an assessment tool; much easier to interpret.
A direct measure of damage to the body field, rather than an indirect “reactivity” measure.
Completely objective; practitioner nor client can influence the test, as no subjective data is input into the computer.
When combined with the infoceuticals, results are spectacular.

With NES, you are able to precisely repair the appropriate part of the body-field at the appropriate time, as the unfolding of the field is proprietary information that took 25 years to establish.

The NES and infoceuticals have been more effective, by far, in terms of detoxification of the body, than anything else I have used.

Kind Regards,

Jason Siczkowycz, ND

It is unfortunate that anyone would even attempt to compare the NES with the QXCI/Scio, Bio-meridian, LIFE System, or any other device on the market at this time. If and when they do, they miss the point entirely of the NES. The NES is NOT a device, it is a system of medicine. The system is about the infoceuticals. Understanding their value and learning how to use them properly! It is a software program that elegantly guides you through the human body field so that you will be able to properly use the drops Peter has so laboriously figured out over many years of trial and error. I work with him in his laboratory in Australia and watch the process come together. It is a travesty to even think about comparing this work to a DEVICE. Unfortunately, because of the price range it now falls into it is automatically lumped into the device category. If the software was priced differently the value of the infoceuticals would not continue to been missed by so many.

Elena Upton, Ph.D.

I have not compared the QXCI machine with the NES, but I can tell you this, I have had miraculous results in my health by just using NES. In the world of medicine, any stage of kidney disease is irreversible. I was in stage four of kidney disease, stage five is kidney failure. My nephrologist, urologist and private physician are all amazed as I am now disease free. I have been a type one diabetic for 46 years. Glaucoma in both eyes, and retinopathy in the left eye are completely gone. Three kidney stones with the smallest being 5mm, have dissolved and were not passed from my system. Fibromyalgia and arthritis pain are virtually gone. After being on Cell Driver my body is absorbing insulin at a better rate, and my insulin dosage has decreased. Irritable bowel syndrome is gone, and has not reoccurred. Gast rioparesis is gone.

What I have to say about NES is that it has been the most wonderful healing system that I ever found…All of these miraculous results have occurred while taking infoceuticals within a year’s worth of time. I am sold on it. The system is worth the cost, as the results from using NES are priceless.

Lorilyn K. Lachman

For a great comparison of NES to QXCI among other systems, check out www.energetic-medicine.net. NES works completely differently as it is interested in correcting the core operating system for how the body-field processes information. It corrects according to the embryonic stages of development in an base protocol order not randomly according to acute symptoms. It is not concerned with giving biofeedback frequencies to neutralize acute symptoms, only to have core operating system remain ineffectual which obviously, would not really change much in the way of the primary ’cause’ of the body’s disease.

There are a number of former QXCI, SCIO or LIFE system folks who now either augment these systems with NES or just use NES exclusively to support their clients.

Hope that helps,

Catherine Schultz Reinman, Ph.D.

Whether you have emotional or physical issues, make an appointment with Kalie Marino for a Nutri-Energetics Professional scan and NES Infoceuticals in Warminster, PA. Kalie is one of the few Certified NES Practitioners in the USA. Call 215-672-1599.

Human Bioenergy Analysis: NES-Professional System
©2005 Nutri-Energetics Systems US, LLC

I am both a NES practitioner and an NES patient. I had fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and was diagnosed with the beginning of stage-four kidney disease. After following the infoceutical protocols for eight months, my kidney disease has reversed to stage one, which my allopathic doctors cannot explain. I no longer suffer from fibromyalgia, nor do I have any arthritis pain. I also have had Type I diabetes for 46 years and am a brittle diabetic, but now my need for insulin has decreased greatly and my body’s ability to handle high-glucose foods has improved. I attribute my vastly improved health to the NES.

Lorilyn K. Lachman

Lifespan Health and Wellness Center

Corona, CA

I have been in the practice of chiropractic and acupuncture for 27 years. I began using NES in June 2004 and my patients are very pleased with the information and results-pleased enough to come to my office from surrounding cities and states. Results include a patient regaining his ability to swallow after 17 days in the hospital and treatment by nine physicians; a patient receiving relief from 21 years of interstitial cystitis; numerous patients whose medical doctors have reduced their blood pressure and thyroid medication; clients whose glucose and triglyceride levels have returned to normal. My own dad was placed in a nursing facility after a month in the hospital from a heart catherization gone bad. After two weeks, we were told to find a permanent place for him because he would not be going home. Wrong! He was back home living independently within two months thanks to NES.

David Naylor, DC, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Naylor Clinic of Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Burlington, NC

I am continually impressed with how the NES picks up the energetic correspondence to physiological processes and works to correct them. Here are two examples from among the many I could choose. A woman presented with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Among other things, the NES showed that her iron was deviated. She saw her general practitioner right after seeing me, and the subsequent blood work he did showed low iron and ferritin. She mentioned to him that I had suggested she might be low in iron; her doctor wondered how a computer could know that! In another instance, I had a gentleman present with chronic hypertension, averaging 170’s/90 for quite some time. He was on medication but had to go off it due to side effects. NES showed Cell Driver and Liver Driver deviations, and those are the infoceuticals I put him on. He followed up with me yesterday, on month after I last saw him, and reported that for the last two weeks he has been averaging 130’s and even 120’s/80’s. The follow-up NES test showed Cell Driver and Liver Driver at 0 deviation.

Jason Siszkowycz, ND

Complete Health

Brookfield, WI

Some more positive feedback: Middle age male patient with chronic insomnia, now sleeping solidly for 4-5 hours a night on Nerve Driver and Pancreas Driver (significantly improved). Also, female with polycystic ovary syndrome, now cycle is regular for first time in months, ultrasound showed cysts significantly reduced, on Source, Liver, Pancreas Drivers and Female Cycles.

Marc Siczkowycz

I have studied astrology for over 25 years, have studied much about energy, sound, color, etc for the past 12 years, and have been on a personal growth path for many, many years. I have used acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic treatments, rolfing, massage, herbs, Qi Gong, sound, and color for both pain and balance, and find my body responds much better to the subtle energies than to allopathic methods. In the short time we have had the system at the clinic I have personally been working with it and can feel a difference in my energy that is difficult to describe. (almost like being given back something that you didn’t know was missing) I know at both an experiential and intuitive level that your company has developed something that can truly make a real difference in one’s well being.

Emotional Stress Release (ESR) for acute Vertigo
A patient called indicating acute vertigo and nausea of 2 days’ duration. History directed me to electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) exposure:

  • patient known to be fairly sensitive to EMR
  • returning from trip by airplane
  • slept at friends, in bed with electric blanket (not switched on) but still plugged in to wall switch
  • computer also in bedroom (not switched on either but plugged in)

Advised patient to take ESR (6 drops up to 6 times/day) knowing it “neutralizes” over-reactions to remedies and therefore should ‘stabilize’ patient’s field. Within 12 hours, patient reported that symptoms had decreased by 50%, after 24 hours, symptoms decreased a further 25% by which time I treated patient osteopathically. She called next day to say was 100% fine. This worked out very rapidly and efficiently.

Bridgette Muller

I agree. This is a great system. I have passed up testing system after testing system waiting for the right one. I did own a Vega Test some years ago but found that AK testing was a lot faster so that’s been my mode of testing for 15+ years. Except for some fine tuning I really should have been included in a manual with the machine…I feel like I’m getting great results using NES. I had three people who have developed another computerized system here locally come in to see my NES system. They were impressed with the speed of the testing and the print out. : )

Howdy all….

I retested myself Monday on my NES. On the main screen…the drivers were all replaced with energetic integrators on the left side of the screen. I’m at the next step on the program. : )

I must say that this is the best I have felt in years! I have more energy these past couple of weeks. My lists of projects that have been put off for     years are getting done.

Thanks Peter and Harry~

Doc Hanson

Dear Harry, Peter, and Group,

I wanted to give some more positive feedback. A woman came in 1 month ago with complaint of severe hot flashes. NES showed Kidney Driver, Stress Release, Female Cycles, low B complex. I decided to try female cycles to see if it would work, though she is not cycling. It worked!! They were gone within 2 weeks (she had them for 6 plus months).

Kind Regards,

Jason Siczkowycz, ND

Anecdote by “Cyclone” from North Queensland, Australia.

Some time ago unemployment forced me to leave my home in SE Queensland and shift to an industrial city in the north. With a wife and two children to support, plus a mortgage, I was not left with any options. In my specialized field of work, good jobs do not come easily.

I settled into the new city, and my family eventually followed me to an old house, which we purchased cheaply. The decision on where to live was     based on economic factors more than anything, even though I was aware that the city was surrounded by industrial areas. Depending on where the wind was blowing from, our family home could be sprinkled with fallout from coal wagons, oil processing plants or the by products of alumina processing. Not to mention the by products of power from coal generation.

Because my job was fairly sedentary, working in an office from 9 to 5, I decided to increase my aerobic fitness by taking up cycling after work. After     several months my energy disappeared, and I could barely ride my push bike around the block. I decided to have some tests done and sent spit samples off to Peter Fraser. The results were not very encouraging. Indications were that my body had been poisoned by some type of dioxin, a poison, which I knew to be produced and released in a nearby chemical processing factory. It was fortunate that Peter Fraser had included some drops to take to get my liver (Cell Driver) working again. The drops must have improved my mental faculties as well because I soon sold the house and shifted my family out into a country area about 20 miles away where we could not be poisoned by the local industry.

My health and general levels of vitality improved dramatically in the years following my various treatments from Peter Fraser. My grey hair stopped falling out. I have transformed myself from a listless 52 year old grey haired office worker who barely had enough energy to get out of bed each morning to a 54 year old office worker who has just finished participating in his second grueling nine day bicycle marathon, covering up to 600 kilometers during each event. My wife and my friends look at me and ask me where I get my energy from. I just tell them about Peter Fraser and his research into Quantum biology.

I first met Peter in Merimbula a number of years ago and was privileged to watch him work one morning in his home laboratory. I was particularly     impressed with the amount of painstaking work he undertook to arrive at a diagnosis, and how careful he was with his analysis. I then asked him to     run a test of me ….. and I obviously didn’t tell him any of my history. I was astonished to discover how much he knew about my health, that could not have been apparent to the eye. For example he diagnosed some long-standing conditions like increasing osteoporosis, weak digestive system. He was also able to warn me that I was developing diverticulitis, and although I hadn’t had an attack at that time, I unfortunately fulfilled his predictions a year later.

I have consulted with Peter intermittently by post with the cotton swab system and each time he has been able to give me a remarkable snapshot of my health … or lack of it …. and seems to be able to be quite specific. Several times I have experienced a remarkable upturn in my general health after using his magical, odorless, colorless drops and will continue to use his services from time to time.

I wish him well in his continued, important research work, and believe he is an inspirational leader in his field.

J. B.

I started taking the drops this morning and IMMEDIATELY felt stuff happening in my head! Quite extraordinary. The depression, or feeling of malaise that there is something awfully wrong with me lifted in minutes and I feel renewed strength that I can get better. Thanks for the encouragement.

Joyce Cary

We may get so busy I will never say this again, Harry, but I want to thank you and Peter for offering such an revolutionary method of creating a healing space for not only the very ill, but those that want to keep a good state of health. I am sure I could have never worked the long hours or put this distribution/sales together in such a short period of time if I had not had such phenomenal results with my own body and the NES remedies. I know I had done a lot of ground work psychologically, understood energy theory, and believed it would work, but I have regained more than just health. I have gained a clarity, a detachment, an enthusiasm I had years ago and had lost due to years of ill health. I have also seen a major change in my husband. He has gained an enthusiasm for life, and appreciation that I have never seen in him before, and definitely has more clarity. He is in a good state of health already, but had a lot of environmental challenges that evidently were affected him more than either of us realized. SO THANK YOU BOTH FOR THE GIFT TO THIS PLANET AND THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING LANA AND I TO BE A PART OF THIS EXCITING ADVENTURE!

Ms. O.B.

I am a long-term practicing Health Professional . For the last 21 years I have been acquainted with Professor Fraser. I have many times been inspired     by his progress into the field of Quantum medicine. Throughout his many years of tortuous heavy thinking, meditation and deep insight, Peter maintained a practical path of conventional study and research. I have been a first hand recipient and many time witness, through my clientele, to the implementation of his findings via his “drops”, and have repeatedly found the results truly awesome.

I would like to give a couple of my own personal experiences as examples. One of the most remarkable treatments I have received was in the Victorian winter of 91 when I suffered a very severe chest infection. The doctors were useless. I truly thought I would die and felt that my body had no resistance. Peter diagnosed “hemophilic” virus as carried by parrots. From that instant his cure (in the form of drops) hit my tongue I felt my body’s defense mechanisms kick in and within a very short time I fully recovered.

On another occasion I found a lump in my right breast and consulted conventional doctors who recommended a mammogram, to which I had a strong aversion as I instinctively felt that any radiation at that time would have a detrimental effect on already distressed tissues. I went along for an ultrasound and explained to the radiographer why I did not want a mammogram. He said that it was all in my head! So I asked him if he had ever had a mammogram? To which he replied No. So I stuck to my instincts and consulted Peter, who diagnosed a pre-cancerous condition and provided me with a series of drops plus advice on lifestyle, diet, supplements etc. I only took the drops, nothing else in my life changed. I had all sorts of weird emotions and dreams, issues, I guess being resolved: my mother having died of breast cancer. Within a period of about 10 weeks my lump and my fear disappeared.

The scope and persistence of Peter&rsquo;s investigations is astounding and is reflected in the remarkably broad range of his diagnosis. I have known     him to accurately state that problematic health has arisen from such things as childhood vaccinations or abuse, emotional shock and distress reactions     to medications, radiation, environmental pollutants, results of surgery, as well as the &ldquo;bug bin&rdquo; full of such things as Hepatitis in its many forms, RRF and Friends, Glandular fever, it goes on and on etc.

Peter Fraser is a rare bird, capable of original thought – an almost extinct talent. The accuracy of his diagnosis is mind boggling, the efficiency and effectiveness of his drops more often curative, rather than simply relieving symptoms. I can honestly state that I see Peter’s life dedication to this work as the ground breaking foundation for medicine in the future and wonder why real genius is so often ostracized and misunderstood.

A. Jane Webber

I have been using the Nutri-Energetic drops over the last few weeks and have been very impressed. I experienced an immediate change the first time I tried them and have noticed ongoing improvements ever since. I especially have more energy and am experiencing continued improvement with chronic systemic conditions.

Dr. C. P.

About 5 years ago started to develop an allergy or two, causing headaches, runny nose etc. Also a rash all over body. About 3 years ago started to develop classic symptoms of Fibromyalgia , pain in the hands to shoulders, feet to hips, plus tightness in the head. I have always been a good sleeper (night or day) until 7 months ago when the brain just decided to power on at night (every night) not allowing a good night’s sleep. There has also been a feeling of total fatigue. Examples = end of days work, within 10 minutes the body powers down to exhaustion. According to a series of blood tests etc. impressively healthy except Fibromyalgia. I have resisted taking painkillers, sleeping pills etc. Since taking the Nutri-Energetics remedies the pain has eased in the limbs, head does not feel as tight. Brain does not power on at night, but it is still very active not allowing a solid sleep. I also feel mentally brighter and am continuing to make progress.

Corenne Shanks

V.B. Australia, Aged 59

Nutri-Energetics gave me an energetic experience of openness. Something at my depth always knew that there is a dance of well being that I did not know the steps to. Nutri-Energetics is like a partner that waltzed into my field and showed me a model for the ecstatic waltz I always knew I could experience.

Ms. D. S.


I have to say that Peter Fraser&rsquo;s diagnosis and remedies have helped me immensely over the last few years.

When I was recently in Hospital with pneumonia and was really on my last legs, Peter was right on target with the Nutri-Energetics remedies – my lungs cleared up and I did not need to go back to hospital as the doctor said I probably would.

I have had an existing eye problem for a very long time – 10 to 12 years at least, which was a mystery to the doctors and opthalmologists. Peter     got to the root of the problem, diagnosing a virus affecting the brain, which the doctor’s could not accept. I found Peter’s remedies- e.g.. Drops, minerals etc – was of great benefit. My hearing also improved quite dramatically.

Each time I have consulted with Peter Fraser I have been impressed with the accuracy of his diagnosis and the effectiveness of his treatments, there is no doubt that I always feel better as a result.

Recently I tried Nutri-Energetics’ Revitalizer drops. I felt that the impact of the drops went to the deepest alchemic level and energized my body. As     a result, my immune system was able to respond in a way not possible for many years. I always get sick immediately following travel by airplane. After     the Nutri-Energetic drops I no longer suffer from colds and flu after flying. I highly recommend the Nutri-Energetic formulations.

Dr. S. L.

Always been active physically with some emotional changes, generally thought to be hormonal. Then at age of 45, change of life, glandular fever and Fibromyaltis brought on serious panic attacks, depression, can not cope, suffers stress, pain in hands, arms, feet, legs, back etc. also tightness in head as if skull too small, brain too big! Sleep pattern bad, may feel tired but brain keeps powering on at night not allowing body to rest, just doze off and brain jerks awake. Pain at night forces a change of position to ease pain. Also a rash covering the body (doctor thought toxins) Medical doctors prescribe, to solve problem, pain killers, sleeping pills, antidepressants and muscle relaxants. Result = Up until 7 weeks ago we had a zombie (barely alive) with a real foggy brain. Since taking your remedies some of the pain eased (legs, arms). The brain is clearer, brighter and now looks human (not Zombie).

Yvonne Shanks

Aged 58

Drops arrived this a.m., for which much thanks. I want to ask you, is this a record? Just on one hour after taking first lot, all residual aches and pains have disappeared, especially after getting up after sitting for any time, which was old man slow. Also I find myself standing completely differently, i.e. bum and lumbar area totally supporting torso and straight back. Feels like a Pilates effect. What do you do for an encore??

Currently, I would be happy to take up fast bowling again.

Gratitude and cheers in equal proportions.


Edna(75) from VIC. She had been seeing her Dr, for 12 years and was diagnosed as having Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had taken countless tests and drugs over the 12 year period but was not getting any better. She was not sleeping well, experiencing headaches and in the end she was unable to walk and had lost muscle power. She heard about Peter Fraser from a carpenter with Chronic Fatigue who had been helped by Fraser. She took the drops and recommended supplements. She felt lethargic and all the symptoms came back for about 10 days then they went away. She has been sending swabs to Peter for about 3 yrs now and is happy to say that she is no longer confined to the house.

Robert (64yrs) a farmer from VIC was severely ill with what his Doctors had called Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 10 years. He followed instructions regarding diet and taking recommended mineral supplement. He noticed a big improvement once he started on Colloidal Body Booster. His second test still had the heavy metals and organophosphates, problems with the nervous system, damage by virus inoculations and emotions affecting his circulation. His third test showed arthritis, poor coronary circulation and a blocked artery, problems with back muscles and an iron deficiency. He didn&rsquo;t notice much of a detoxification period, which may have been due to the fact that he had been in a bad way for so long before beginning the treatment that he couldn&rsquo;t tell. Today, his chronic joint pain has all but disappeared and he feels the best he has felt in the last 10 years. He says people who have known him for years continue to tell him how well he looks these days.

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