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Open Heart Institute

Open-Heart Holistic Counseling is an empowering, heart-centered and energetic approach to personal growth, health and well-being. We don’t need someone to tell us what’s wrong with us. That is usually the source of our problems. We need someone who sees “what’s right with us” and empowers us to use our innate resources to create the life we want. As we feel better about ourselves, our behavior changes spontaneously for the better and life becomes more effortless and enjoyable. All healing methods become more effective when we feel the safety of unconditional love.

Our counseling approach integrates intuitive wisdom with energy psychology to heal life and relationship issues from a spiritual perspective. We empower people with experiential knowledge, helping them discern truth for themselves, make powerful choices, create healthy body/mind/spirit connections and extend peace.


Counseling Services Available


Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy helps people overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behavior, and emotional responses. This involves developing skills and techniques for identifying distorted thinking, modifying beliefs, relating to others differently, and changing behaviors. Therapy may consist of testing the assumptions and identifying how usually unquestioned thoughts are distorted, unrealistic and unhelpful. Once the assumptions have been challenged, feelings about the subject matter of those thoughts are more easily subject to change.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling helps people improve their lives by learning how to apply spiritual principles to relationships and circumstances of their lives. Those on the spiritual path need a mentor, counselor or therapist who understands spiritual and psychic experiences and can help put their experiences into an integrative perspective that is both enlightening and grounding. We support the growth of heart-centered awareness and new paradigm thinking, which is both holistic and authentic, empowering us with the spirit of love and forgiveness. All religions and spiritual paths are respected as Kalie is an interfaith minister.

Couples Counseling

People usually only seek Couples Counseling as a last resort, which is tragic. People go to school and get special training for their jobs, but seldom even read a book on how to have fulfilling relationships or be a good parent, which is far more valuable even than our jobs. Good relationships take work and education, because most of us did not have good role models for loving relationships. Couples counseling is a wise choice even before marriage, because it teaches you both new communication skills to resolve your little issues before they get big.

Trauma Counseling

Trauma is seen differently from a holistic perspective of energy psychology. It is seen as a disruption in the energy field, which can be cleared quickly and easily. Read about the scientific breakthrough in understanding that has revolutionized trauma therapy through techniques like EMDR, EFT and Psych-K listed on the Energy Psychology Techniques page. You may enjoy reading that “It is not all in your head.” Some people are unaware that they are even suffering from trauma. If so, I suggest you read the article called, “Were Your Traumatized?”

Energy Psychology

Techniques Emotional distress and physical pain are not all in our heads. They are locked in the energetic pathways of our body. This is why years of traditional psychotherapy do not cure PTSD or phobias. Energy psychology techniques quickly release the trapped energy and bring about a perceptual shift in the subject of distress. While this is energetic, it is not bodywork and does not involve my touching the client, a common misperception. Energy Psychology is an umbrella term that applies to many approaches to wellness though shifting energetic pathways. I have seen miracles happen while using these techniques with clients.


Having taught many forms of yoga and many techniques of meditation, I have some that I prefer and find to be more useful or profound in their healing effect than others. I especially love heart and light based techniques, which are techniques that teach you how to experience other aspects of reality while strengthening your ability to cope with stress and be more effective in everyday life. Some cannot be written or learned from a book, but are actually “caught” when experienced with an advanced teacher. Here are a few that you can read about.