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Discount Vitamins

You can read the latest nutritional research and receive Up to 20% in discounts on most nutritional supplements as a gift from me! I use two sources for nutritional research, Emerson Ecologics and Vitamin Research Products. I made arrangements to pass on my professional discount to you at Emerson and get you a first order discount at Vitamin Research Products, because they have some unusual products that you can’t get any other place.

Emerson Ecologics carries most quality brands, and you can receive a 20% discount from them as my gift to you. To place an order, go to their website www.emersonecologics.com and find your product’s code numbers. Then call 1-800-654-4432 to place your order and mention my name, Kalie Marino, to receive a 20% discount on every order. If you need nutritional advise, you can talk to their nutritionist free of charge.

Vitamin Research Products is my favorite source for the latest information on nutritional and holistic treatments. Go to their website at www.vrp.com. You can also order from their catalogue and receive their free monthly magazine that is full of good articles. You can also order some unusual products from them. You will receive a 10% discount on your first order by mentioning my name, Kalie Marino.

To order call 800-877-2447 and give them my pin #236753 to receive a 10% discount on your first order.